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Welcome to Dragon Talespedia, the free encyclopedia. We are so happy of our grand reopening.
Dragon tales

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Cast and CrewEdit

Cassie - Chantal Strand

Ord - Ty Ollson

Max - Danny McKinnon (Spanish dubbed by Aida Ortega but rumored)

Enrique - Aida Ortega

Emmy - Andrea Libbman

Zak - Jason Michas

Wheezie - Kathleen Barr

Quetzal - Eli Gabay

Minor Characters

Lorca - Lenore Zann

Syd Scyamore - Scott McNeil

Finn and Kiki - Ellen Kennedy

The Giant of Nod - Sam Neill

Orther Characters

Dr. Booboogone - (unknown actor)


Executive Producer

Jim Coane

Nina Elias Bamberger

Written By

Jeffery Scott

Elana Lesser & Cliff Ruby

Bob Carrau

Lane Raichert

Dean Stefan

Jim Fisher & Jim Staahl

Don Gillies

Nancy Neufield Callaway

Susan Kim

Nicole Dubuc

Laurie Bauman Arnold

Scott Guy

Cythia Cohen

Melody Fox

Carin Greenberg Baker

Janna King Kalichman

Robert Schechter & Alicia Marie Shudt

Andrew Robinson

Richard Gitelson

Mark Hoffmeier

Jamie Greenberg

Libby Henson

Lisa Medway

Ronnie Krauss

Tedd Anasti

Patsy Cameron

Lisa Goldman

Elizabeth De La Garza Vargas

Eric Weiner

Joe Menendez

Jim Coane for unknown episodes, Wesely Eure for unknown episodes, and Ron Rodecker for unknown episodes.

Latest activityEdit

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