To Fly With Dragons / The Forest of Darkness

To Kingdom Come / Goodbye Little Caterpoozle

Knot a Problem / Ord's Unhappy Birthday

Tails You Lose / Calling Dr. Zak

Pigment of Your Imagination / Zak's Song

Snow Dragons / The Fury Is Out On This One

The Giant of Nod / The Big Sleep Over

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words / The Talent Pool

Emmy's Dream House / Dragon Sails

Eggs Over Easy / A Liking to Biking

Sky Pirates / Four Little Pigs

Zak and the Beanstalk / A Feat on Her Feet

Not Separated at Birth / A Kite For Quetzal

Dragon Drop / Cassie Loves a Parade

A Cool School / Max's Comic Adventure

It Happened One Nightmare / Staying Within the Lines

Follow the Dots / A Smashing Success

Quibbling Siblings / Wheezie's Hairball

A Tall Tale / Stormy Weather

Blowin' In the Wind / No Hitter

Do Not Pass Gnome / Treasure Hunt

The Jumping Bean Express / Get Offa My Cloud

Backwards to Forwards / Sounds Like Trouble

The Greatest Show in Dragon Land / Prepare According to Instructions

Wheezie's Last Laugh / Frog Prints

Crash Landings / The Big Cake Mix-Up

Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book / My Way or Snow Way

Sand Castle Hassle / A True Blue Friend

Zak Takes a Dive / Under the Weather

My Emmy or Bust / Light My Firebreath

Follow the Leader / Max and the Magic Carpet

Rope Trick / Baby Troubles

Small Time / Roller Coaster Dragon

Up, Up and Away / Wild Time

Bad Share Day / Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On

Ord Sees the Light / The Ugly Dragling

Out With the Garbage / Lights, Camera, Dragon

Bully For You / The Great White Cloud Whale

To Do or Not To Do / Much Ado About Nodlings

Don't Bug Me / Over and Over


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